Full Body massage

To refresh the senses. The most widely recognized sort of massage asked for to diminish stretch and build unwinding is Full Body Massage in Bangalore, in which the specialist uses oil or moisturizer with a few fundamental strokes that are connected with light to medium weight, contingent upon the customer’s inclination. In which specialist decides the grouping of strokes that will best work for every customer as per their needs, regularly starting with wide broad strokes, transitioning to more detail particular strokes to address issue territories, and completing with expansive interfacing strokes.

We, at our Royale Spa characterized the Full Body Massage by the utilization of five essential stroke methods: effleurage, petrissage, grating, tapotement and vibration.

At Royale Spa you can pick an entire body massage or solicitation deal with only a particular body area, for example, back, neck and shoulders. For an entire body knead you are warmly hung at all times aside from the region being taken a shot at.

In Full Body Massage in Bangalore the movement of the specialist’s hands pushes all the blood and lymph in the muscle tissues towards the heart and interior organs. This procedure advances a renewing of crisp supplements to these territories and aides in expelling poisons from the body. Tight muscles release and the nerves cool off. You leave with an inclination of aggregate unwinding.

Thai Massage

Thai massage also known as Thai yoga massage, on the grounds that the specialist utilizes his or her hands, legs & knees, & feet to move you into a progression of yoga-like extends. Thai Massage in Bangalore is both of workmanship and science. Thai Massage in Bangalore is more invigorating and thorough than more exemplary types of massage. Thai massage is similar to doing yoga with no work. Muscle pressure, joint assembly & pressure point massage are likewise utilized amid treatment. Individuals portray Thai Massage as both unwinding and stimulating.

What makes us different from other?

We utilize the best quality Therapeutic Massage Oils which are effortlessly washed off and don’t abandon you feeling sticky after your back rub.

At Royale Spa you will encounter a warm and amicable air with a certified genuineness for the consideration and prosperity of every one of our customers, all gave in a clean, agreeable and unwinding environment.

We can give Corporate on location Thai Massage Packages in Bangalore that can be redone to meet your individual necessities.

For the treatment of a few illnesses we use ( at no additional expense ), our unique Thai Herbal Balms which are surprising in helping accelerate your recuperation.

We offer Massage Therapy Package in Bangalore at marked down costs

Oil Massage


Gentlemen lavish yourself with this incredibly oil Massage in Bangalore, performed by two nubile. Envision…two delightfully attractive Massage Therapists alleviating and touching your whole middle, sliding and floating against you in complete harmony and congruity. An enticing ensemble of the faculties! This alluring  oil Massage is a definitive male dream which we can change into your world.

Amid the session it is vital to be coherence between the two specialists. They need to both begin and complete the investigation of a territory. Other than experience, proficient aptitudes and shared understanding of the two bosses is additionally extremely critical.

Benefit Of Massage in Bangalore

Diminishes the manifestations of anxiety and weariness

-Assuages muscle strain

-Uproots of abundance fluid

-Restores tissue versatility

-Enhances joint portability and flexibility of the ligaments

-Assists with a sleeping disorder

-Brings down pulse

So, why you waiting. Book this breathtaking Four Hand Massage Bangalore now!